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Falling Stars - Music Video

From the album, North Star Calling

First time I saw you perform was in Santa Fe, NM at the Troublemakers Ball. There were many great performances, but Gary Farmer's introduction caught my ear. I recall you borrowed Samantha Crain's guitar and started to play. I was totally floored by your amazingly beautiful and powerful voice. Dene Love Song hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt your energy and passion. To be honest, it brought a tear to my eye. It was incredible to see and witness such talent and a great voice.
I feel your passion for your family, your people, your love, and your home. My favourites are Dene Love Song, If We Were One, All Alone (both versions), End of the Day, Jimmy, Heart of the People, and Cold Wind. I also love the fact that you incorporate traditional Native vocals into your music.  I hope to see you perform many more times. You're one of my top five favourite artists period.

                                                             - Kirk Denetclaw

Live at Mundial

Live at Norderstedt

Dene A Journey

Season 1, Episode 2

A Special Place

Dene singer-songwriter Leela Gilday has worked hard to establish herself in Canada’s music industry, but along with her successes, she’s lost a part of her culture. Leela returns to her home community of Deline to take part in learning the art of making a traditional tanned moose hide. She discovers the practice may have more to do with ancient ways then her modern time schedule.

You're Not Alone


"As I sat atop the bleachers on a breezy cool day awaiting my first experience watching and hearing northern performers come alive on the stage to perform for the Canada Winter Games in 2007, I was not ready for what came next... you walked on to the stage, and started to sing "One Drum". A current ran through me and electrified all my senses and awoke inside me the true power and effect that a spoken word can have on the body, mind, and spirit; all 'touched' as one. An experience I will always be thankful for as it helped me feel the power and strength that lives within my ancestry and kin." 

                                                             - Carla Wallis

One Drum

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