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North Star Calling is Leela Gilday’s Love Letter to The Healing Power of The Natural World

"It is a deeply spiritual album, her fifth since debuting with Spirit World, Solid Wood in 2002, invoking the experiences, the imagery, the faith and the powerful connection to the natural environment so imbued in her Dene heritage and culture. Gilday’s amazing ability to meld these integral components of her life and upbringing with elements of pop, rock and blues music makes the album an expansive, inclusive and truly remarkable and endlessly accessible listening experience."

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"Much like its title, North Star Calling is a guiding light, a beacon for those to find refuge. In times where many an uncertainty has no easy answer, this record finds beauty in the smallest of moments. "One heart can't hold everything," and much like the dedication of the title track, these songs will continue to help all those that need it."

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Five Questions With Leela Gilday

"Yellowknife artist, Leela Gilday is releasing her brand new album, North Star Calling on September 6, 2019. The album, which is her first in 5 years, features the previously released singles, “Keintah Naste Ju” (pronounced Kay-tah Naht-say Joo), and “Hard Ground”.

Check out “Keintah Naste Ju” and find out more about Leela via our Five Questions With segment."

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Review: Leela Gilday, “North Star Calling”

"Northwest Territories songwriter Leela Gilday returns with her first album in five years.

Your enjoyment of “North Star Calling” will hinge on your affection for Leela Gilday’s passionate vocals. Each song on the album is a showcase for her strong, commanding voice.  The songs in this collection inhabit the spaces between country, pop and rock.  Sonic landscapes where singers like Sarah MacLachlan and Jann Arden sell millions of records.  Gilday is far from a carbon copy of them though. Her songs take chances.  “K’eintah Natse Ju” for example, is buoyed beyond a straightforward acoustic rock song by the post-chorus exuberant chanting."

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Summer 2019 preview: 12 albums you need to hear

"Acclaimed musician Leela Gilday is poised for a big return with her first new album in five years, North Star Calling. She dropped the record's debut single in May, a powerhouse of a blues track called "K'eintah Natse Ju," which she wrote "in celebration of the resilience of Indigenous northerners." Gilday's voice is like a fire lighting the way, illuminating the dark, calling us closer. When the backing powwow vocals flood in to join Gilday on the key change, it's a moment of love and triumph."

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'Mahsi cho, Denendeh.' Leela Gilday premieres new album12 albums you need to hear

"After years of songwriting through "some difficult times," Dene singer Leela Gilday says her new album is an ode to Denendeh and a message of healing.

Launched on Friday, North Star Calling is the culmination of five years of songwriting, Gilday told Cabin Radio.

It has been half a decade since the release of Heart of the People, which garnered a 2015 Juno nomination for Indigenous album of the year."

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Western Canadian Music Award Nominee 

Aboriginal Recording of the Year 2015

JUNO Award Nominee

Aboriginal Album of the Year 2015

Musical Director for the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards Finale 

Global, APTN 2012

Artistic Director for “A Circumpolar Soundscape" 

March 2012 

Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award Winner 

Aboriginal Female Entertainer of the Year 2011 

Western Canadian Music Award Winner

Best Aboriginal Recording 2010

Canadian Aboriginal Music Award Winner 

Best Female Artist 2010

Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award Winner 

Best Folk Album 2010

Dreamspeakers Festival Winner

Best Music Video 2009

JUNO Award Winner 

Aboriginal Recording of the Year 2007 

Western Canadian Music Award Winner

Best Aboriginal Recording 2007

Indian Summer Music Award Winner 

Best Folk 2007 

Up Here Magazine

Northerner of the Year 2007

Aboriginal Peoples' Choice Music Award Nominee


Canadian Aboriginal Music Award Nominee


Canadian Folk Music Award Nominee

Best Songwriter (Aboriginal) 2007

JUNO Award Nominee 

Best Music of Aboriginal Canada 2003 

Canadian Aboriginal Music Award Winner

Best Female Artist

Best Folk Album

Best Songwriter 

What People Are Saying


"I first saw you play at Muddy Waters cafe in Edmonton, probably 20 years ago. Your voice pierced the room and commanded attention. It was raw and beautiful and absolutely unforgettable. Since then, your music has been with me through many transitions, loves lost and found, continents crossed. It still touches me deeply. It reminds me of home and I love to share it with people wherever I am in the world. It tells important truths unflinchingly. It is powerful and vulnerable. It is a true gift. Thank you."

- Eilis Novo

"Your beautiful voice carries so much love for the people. You are such a powerful woman. When I listen to your music I sure enjoy your beautiful voice. It inspires me and brings me happiness and joy."

- Rena Chapple

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