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"Much like its title, North Star Calling is a guiding light, a beacon for those to find refuge. In times where many an uncertainty has no easy answer, this record finds beauty in the smallest of moments. "One heart can't hold everything," and much like the dedication of the title track, these songs will continue to help all those that need it." 
-Josh Weinberg, EXCLAIM Magazine
"When I heard you live, I was so incredibly amazed at your voice, of course, but also how the energy of the space was transformed. Maybe it was just me, but whatever happened, the experience was amazing. I have attended many live performances and there was a power in the energy created in your performance that cannot be replicated." 

                                                             - Ruth Lyall


"Without your songs I might not have made it through some very dark moments in my life. Music heals, and your music especially heals this broken indigenous heart. It helps me realize that I am not alone. Keep singing Leela. You're healing hearts."

                                                             - Tilly Innes

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