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Gho-Bah/Gombaa: First Light of Dawn

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Gho-Bah/Gombaa was a project originally borne out of the resilience of the northern Dene in the face of years of colonization, residential school, and legislated cultural genocide. Gho-Bah/Gombaa is the musical story of that resilience, love, anger, sorrow, and joy that resides in us all. These songs were written and performed collectively in 2017 as a group of artists- Indigenous people and allies together in the NWT. After the shows were over we knew we had to bring the music to the people, and so you are listening now. Gho-Bah/Gombaa is not only the story of loss. It is the story of our powerful connection to the land, our deep and abiding love of our families and friends, and the triumph of the human spirit. Mahsi Cho to all the artists involved in the original production, and all of our funders for that project and this one- Canada Council for the Arts, and NWT Arts Council. Produced by Robert Walsh, Featuring Stephen Kakfwi, Paul Andrew, Leela Gilday, Lawrence Nayally, Catherine Lafferty, Pat Braden, Meg Dolovich, Robert Walsh, Debashis Sinha, Andrea Bettger, Casey Koyczan, the singers of Aurora Chorealis and the Yellowknives Dene Drummers.

Track List:

1. I Love This Land - Lawrence Nayally
2. Etsula - Paul Andrew
3. Somewhere Along the Way - Catherine Lafferty
4. Take Back What's Mine - Stephen Kakfwi
5. Give What Our Hearts Can't Take - Leela Gilday
6. I Wanna Go Home - Paul Andrew
7. Rising Sun - Catherine Lafferty
8. Spirit of the Dene - Paul Andrew
9. Love the Light - Stephen Kakfwi
10. Handgame Medley - Paul Andrew, Lawrence Nayally
11. Caribou/Wolf Song - Lawrence Nayally
12. Rise - Leela Gilday, Catherine Lafferty, Paul Andrew, Lawrence Nayally, Stephen Kakfwi

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