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This album is about facing your fears, standing in the pain, and living with courage, boldness and joy. The record is full of some of my time-honoured messages: connection with the land, empowering the people, the beauty and draw of the north. But it is also about things that scare me- suicide rates of our people, racism, the unending suffering and beauty of life.


It is also, for the first time and in an honest way- about healing. True healing is not about just the absence of pain or addictions, although those are significant- it is about celebration, it is complicated, it is about weaving the fabric of the years of your own life into a beautiful blanket to hold you and ground you. It is about letting go of expectation and opening new eyes on the world around you.

"It is a deeply spiritual album, her fifth since debuting with Spirit World, Solid Wood in 2002, invoking the experiences, the imagery, the faith and the powerful connection to the natural environment so imbued in her Dene heritage and culture. Gilday’s amazing ability to meld these integral components of her life and upbringing with elements of pop, rock and blues music makes the album an expansive, inclusive and truly remarkable and endlessly accessible listening experience."

- Jim Barber, Music Life Magazine

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